Opt Out

You have chosen to Opt-Out of Millennial Media’s use of data for interest-based advertising. Please keep in mind that even after you Opt-Out, you will continue to receive ads on your mobile device, but Millennial Media will no longer be placing ads based on your interests across our Network.

There are a few things to keep in mind regarding your opt-out choice. Because of the way mobile technology works, you may need to Opt-Out separately for the mobile web, and for mobile apps. For example, if we are unable to confirm your Device ID, that may limit Millennial Media’s ability to opt your device out of interest-based advertising from apps. Also, different mobile devices use different technologies. Some mobile devices, for example, do not support the use of cookies, which is one of the methods we use to implement this Opt-Out. If your mobile device supports cookies, and you clear them from your mobile browser, or use a different mobile browser or mobile device, you may need to renew your Opt-Out choice. All of these issues may impact the effectiveness of the Opt-Out.

  1. Mobile Web Opt-Out: To Opt-Out of Millennial Media’s interest-based advertising while surfing the mobile web, you need to use your mobile device to go to our mobile Opt-Out page. You can do so by typing in the following URL into your mobile browser: http://bit.ly/mmipriv
  2. Mobile App Opt-Out:
    Because you are not on a mobile device, we are unable to confirm your Device ID, which we need in order to implement our Opt-Out for mobile apps. To Opt-Out of Millennial Media’s interest-based advertising for mobile apps, enter your phone’s Device ID here

    How do I find my phone’s device identifier?